What’s New?

Cerec technology:

We are excited to now offer same day crowns, and veneers.  No more temporary crowns, no more coming back in for a second visit.  We can do it all in the office with our new CEREC machine.

We’ve gone digital:

Come in and try our new digital x-rays.  They allow us to use less radiation and access the images instantly!



The Intraoral Camera lets the doctor or hygienist take a picture of what they see and easily show it to you.

Overhead T.V.’s : Watch your favorite t.v. show or DVD while we work on all your dental needs. These tv screens are also connected to the computer to facilitate patient education and information about your personalized dental needs.

            Sound Reducing Headphones: Listen to Pandora Radio or your favorite music while blocking out the sound of the drill. Music is an excellent tool to help you relax during your appointment. Even the Doctor enjoys blocking out the noise so make sure he takes turns.


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