Complete Care

Complete Care for Adults, Adolescents and Children

“An Office Large Enough To Serve You, But Small Enough To Know You”

Emphasis on Preventive Care:

  • We believe that preventive dentistry is the ultimate key to the finest dental health. We also know that quality restorative dentistry is an important part of comprehensive dental services.  Our office offers both types of services for your convenience.

Caring and Thorough Hygiene Services:

  • We know that in the long run, a recall program results in the early detection and treatment of small problems before they become large ones.  This approach results in significant savings of your time and money.  It also means that you will get the most service and value from your dental work.

Patient Education

  • We are committed to offering you the best dental care available today.  We will work hard to assist you in understanding your individual dental needs.  It is important that we provide opportunities to answer any questions you have.  Before you consent to treatment, you deserve to be well informed about your treatment plan, your options and alternatives.  After all, they’re your teeth!

Personalized Treatment Planning & Consultations:

  • We like to treat our patients with the same kindness, gentleness and respect that we ourselves like to experience.
  • We feel it is important for you to have honest information about your dental health and dental care.  We want you to become partners in your oral health.  We stand ready to answer your questions about dental health and treatment.

Free “Happy Visits”

  • For small children to familiarize them with the office, “the chair” and our staff to help reduce their fear of the unknown.  This is also a great time to communicate with parents/guardians who also play a vital role in helping kids develop a positive attitude toward dental care at an early age.

Emergency Care:

  • We work hard to provide time in our daily schedule to accommodate dental emergencies.  We realize there are unfortunate times when our patients have accidents, questions, or a need to see a dentist after regular business hours.  Dr. Sutton provides an after hours contact phone number to reach him as needed.

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