Preventative Care

We believe that Preventive Dentistry is the ultimate key to the finest dental health. We know that in the long run, a recall program results in the early detection and treatment of small problems before they become large ones.  This approach results in significant savings of your time and money.  It also means that you will get the most service and value from your dental work.

Our hygienists provide exceptional oral hygiene and periodontal maintenance care at each recall visit.  They work with Dr. Sutton to educate and advise you as needed to establish an appropriate recall interval for you, and to make sure you are maximizing your efforts at home.  They take the time to talk to you and get to know you so that your experience is more enjoyable and comfortable.

Dr Sutton will also perform a thorough oral examination, including a cancer screening with every recall visit.

Dental Sealants: This is one commonly-used method to prevent cavities by sealing the grooves of teeth that are at risk. This is most effectively accomplished during childhood and teenage years as our molars first erupt to prevent cavities before they have a chance to start.  However, sealants can be effective for people of all ages.

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